Various Sushi ingredients, Seasoning ,Noodles & vermicelli,Asian tableware, Frozen foods, etc.
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    We are a professional sushi ingredients & Asian foods wholesale supplier, Meet the individual needs of purchasers and FCL services


Qingdao green Konka Food Co., Ltd. is a professional wholesale supplier of sushi ingredients , seasoning, Noodles & vermicelli  Frozen foods.With the support of the most professional food factories and customers, we help you find very personalized and quality ingredients.

We offer our customers the opportunity to increase their profitability meet their timely sales schedule with services to meet their end-user special requirements. Green Konka Foods is always striving to improve the quality of our services and provide one-stop product customization solutions for its food ingredients procurement business. Meet your requirements is our working target every day! Feel free to contact us.

What we do?

We are a professional sushi ingredients Asian foods wholesale export supplier, Meet the individual needs of purchasers and FCL services and complete a one-stop purchase plan. Help customers around the world find safe, reliable and high-quality Asian ingredients Covers the following products……

sushi ingredients

Sushi ingredients

Sushi ingredients include  such as Roasted seaweed nori,wasabi powder,sushi pickled ginger ,Panko Bread crumbs,Dashi Kombu,Dried cut wakame,Bonito flakes & Hondashi,Aonori flakes, Dried Shiitake mushroom,Roasted sesame seeds,Dried Fungus,Tempura powder ,Tagorashi Chili thread , etc.

Noodles & Vermicelli

Noodles & Vermicelli Products include  such as  dried noodles  ,longkou vermicelli ,fresh noodle, frozen udon noodle,instant noodle, quick cooking noodles ,etc

dried noodles


Seasonings  include Japanese sauce,Wasabi paste ,Miso,Cooking sake,Mirin,Sushi vinegar,Dark & Light Soy sauce,Oyster sauce,Hoisin sauce,Mixed sesame oil,Pure sesame oil,Rice vinegar,Sweet Chili sauce ,Pepper oil,etc.


Asian Tableware 

Asian Tableware Products include such as Disposable bamboo chopsticks, wooden chopsticks, Bamboo leaves, sushi baran ,sushi mat,Bamboo steamers,Sushi boat,Sushi bridge,Compressed napkin,Compressed tissue,Sushi box,etc.

disposable chopsticks
frozen gyoza

Frozen foods 

Frozen foods Products include  such as frozen roasted eel , frozen udon noodles ,frozen dumplings gyoza , Frozen pasta , Frozen seasoned seaweed salad, Frozen smoked duck breast, etc.

Our Advantage

Nature Source

More attention should be paid to choosing foods that are natural, pollution-free, nutritious and healthy.

Fast Delivery

Express World, Fast Service, Your Commitment, Our Commitment!

Professional Produce

Product quality comes from constant pursuit, so that you can easily taste the delicious life. 

Safe & Healthy

The people take food as their heaven and food as their priority.
To make food is to make a conscience!

Customer Feedback

It satisfies our company's discerning procurement needs. One container filled us with 9 factories' goods is indeed a one-stop procurement requirement, which saved me a lot of time and energy. Thanks, Susan for her professionalism and patience!

- Emily -

Green Konka Food Company's business personnel are patient, professional, fast delivery, good service, is a trustworthy good partner.


- Marilyn -

What makes us cooperate for many years, is professional, is mutual trust and frankness, more importantly, we get the products we want with high quality, low price and high performance-price ratio.


- Martin -

Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!

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